Recommended Vendors
S&S Sutler Tim Sheads
General Sutler Many of his wares are from
quality vendors
Dirty Billy's Hats AKA  "Filthy William's"
Decent headgear for your impression
Dells Leather works
leather goods, belts straps etc.
Wambaugh White & Company
Uniforms, shirts, shelter halfs and misc.
Dan does fantastic work
NJ Sekela Historic Clothier
Nick Sekela
Uniforms, Headgear and more
Quality vendor
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Leathers, Misc.
*Always check with Veteran in the
unit before making any purchases.
Even though we have listed some
of the above vendors does not
mean you can hit one Sutler for all
your gear needs.

Each Vendor has products that are
known for quality yet they often
will sell more mainstream gear in
addition that is not up to our

Again, ask and we will clarify.