6th New Hampshire Volunteers
Major Walter P. Sy

On February 17th 2011 we lost  a great leader,
friend, advisor and brother. Walter was many
things to many people from all walks of life.

It is our hope that we are able to honor him by
carrying on his passion for life and his
dedication to serving others as well as
preserving the memory of our Civil War
heritage to all generations through school
programs, living histories, parades and
memorial services.

Rest in Peace Dear Brother until we meet again

Sgt. R.C.Tarbox
Some comments on the passing of Captain SY from the Civil War community.
A testimony to his character and the love and respect he commanded

The image of "What would Walter do?" will forever be ingrained my mind

Life in the 6th will never be the same he was our soul

Capt. Walter Sy of the 6th NH was one of the finest gentleman that I have ever had the pleasure to know. Walter was one of those rare
individuals who could speak with kings and commoners and make both feel at home. He looked after the men he loved like they were his sons.
He'd share his canteen with you to the last. Requiescat in pace, dear brother.

Walter was more than just a friend in this hobby..He was a wealth of knowledge..I have never know more of a Gentleman in all my
years..Anyone who knew him or even was lucky enough to have a conversation with him truly was touched..He always was very inteligent in
anything he spoke of..He always treated everyone with respect..I never knew him to be judgemental of anyone..Anytime the topic of military
drill or for that matter anything he talked about he got a sparkle in his eye and would sit and share any knowledge he had with anyone who
wanted it...I have learned so much from him ..

In honor of Cpt Sy we will name our first and last camps of the 2011 season Camp Sy..I will be looking to the mighty 6th to lend a hand in the
dedication of such camp..

I am very sorry indeed to hear about this.  I enjoyed Capt. Sy's company very much.  He always took a moment, wherever he was headed, to
pause and offer a handshake, a warm greeting and some kind and sincere words.  He was a true gentleman.

I know how much you all meant to him, he loved you all. And I know you all loved him. We lost more than our Captain, we lost one of our best

God bless Walter's family--he really will be missed by all of us who loved him dearly. He was a good friend, a good example, a good man.

The company street will not be the same..... He was a leader, a friend and just a decent human being.

Rest in peace Capt. Sy. You were a wonderful man. God bless.

There was not a topic he couldn't discuss

In all my years in reenacting I have never know a better man nor a more of a Gentleman..He will truly be missed by all who had the honor of
knowing him..

I know, he knew something about everything. I also remember the time when he was trying to figure out what the holy hand grenade was and
you had to explain it to him.

I do remember him coming up to me after the Holy Hand Grenade and going "I'm an educated man, I have no idea what that is." :)

This is sad new. He was was a fine comrade. He will be missed. My deepest condolences. to his family and the 6th NH.

The 12th Mass was deeply saddened to hear about Capt. Sy. We just don't have enough men like him to spare.

I knew him through 6th NH events, but best remembered from your tacticals at the farm in Marlboro VT. We will keep Jeanie and his family in
our prayers.  Pass on the 14th CT's condolences for me.

In all the the responses to Captain Sy's passing the word "gentleman" is the recurring accolade. For Walter it is truely fitting. He will be
missed. I can not help but think that Captain Sy and Sgt Maj Larry McBeth will have all in order for the day that the rest of us join them. Our
condolences to his wife and family, and to the 6th New Hampshire.

The 28th MA grieves with our brothers in the 6th

Dear Rob and all 6th New Hampshire rank and file.
I heard the sad news. My sympathies to all his family and comrades on Dr. Sy's death.

I enjoyed the good doctor's company at several Sutton Musters. He was an avid student and teacher of the ACW and its enduring importance to
us still.

Sadness to us but joy to him in his ascent to more glorious ranks.
We who remain must continue to lean on our comrades' elbows for strength.

R.I.P. Captain Sy

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend Walter...it is clear he touched all your lives and made them better...rest in peace, Mr. Sy

What a good and gentle man.

Truly a great man who you always learned something from. He will be missed...

I only knew him for a few days. But for that short while I served under him, I witnessed one of the greatest examples of leadership I've ever seen.

My favorite memories of Walter Sy will always be he and I sitting at his table talking about philosophy, history, any topic really. He'd always be
watching his boys around the camp fire with his bottle of wine. I will truly miss those moments.

Every once in awhile you have the honor to know someone who just cant help but make you a better person. RIP Walt
He was great human being. I had that honor, knowing Walter Sy who passed away yesterday. Many talks, many more laughs, many life insights
from Walter that cannot be forgotten